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The Bubbly Bilingual

What makes 'Eddy Yeung'... Eddy Yeung?

Well, he is obsessed with neon lights, he is technically British, and he loves collecting masks! …okay, those are just random fun facts about me, let me tell you what really happened.

Growing up in the 90's in Hong Kong, the economy was booming and my parents were swamped with work. They got me a babysitter (and language teacher) ─ Cable TV.
As time went by, that slowly got replaced by a video game console, and then a computer, and the rest was history!

Honestly, I didn't even know voice acting was a viable career. But through some fortuitous twist of fate, I ended up here, and have been working full time as a bilingual voice over artist since 2019, in English and Cantonese!

Voice actors are truly modern-day superheroes. And I'm not just saying this because it's a corny way to end this segment. I genuinely look up to every single one of them.

Some voice actors have day jobs and moonlight as your favorite audiobook narrator; some specialize in monster vocals and do medical narration on their off-days. Some do motion capture and stunts. How cool is that?

Outside of the booth, I really enjoy working out, keeping my plants alive, and lately, I've been binging the Sopranos! 

To check out my resume, click "How's work going?" ; for photos of what I've been up to recently, click "How you doin'?" !


 Sennheiser MKH-416


RME Babyface Pro FS

Available DAWs

Adobe Audition CC (Default), Reaper, Audacity

Delivery Formats

44.1KHz/ 48KHz/ 96KHz, mono/stereo, 24-bit audio

Delivery Methods

Email, Google Drive, Dropbox, WeTransfer, Microsoft OneDrive, Private FTP

Studio Connectivity

Wired Ethernet Connection (550mb/s download & upload speed)
Source Connect (Standard) enabled

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Additional Information

Based in NYC, I also have access to the professional ADR-ready studios all across the city. If you would like to schedule a session with a specific studio, please let me know!

Where the magic happens

Equipped with a Studiobricks One Plus and hardwired ethernet, you can expect broadcast quality audio within 24 hours. Take a listen!

voiceover studio - eddyyeung

What they say

Eddy did an amazing job with one of our hardest characters to voice, as it required multiple accents and voice styles. Definitely recommend him and would definitely work with him again in the future!

Guilherme, Theia Studios

Eddy's willingness to try new approaches and make quick adjustments was invaluable to getting the right sound for the character -- Even under challenging conditions (we couldn't even share concept art of the character yet!)
Eddy's enthusiasm and imagination helped make it all work.

Old Moon Games

Eddy gave our project for Volkswagen a much-needed dose of charm, and a layer of empathy and likability to his character. In the flood of auditions I received for this role, Eddy stood far ahead of the others with the risks he took and the personality he brought to the performance.

Devin Polaski

Eddy has both the voice and the acting chops. Fun and energetic, his enthusiasm for what he does is infectious, and he'll go above and beyond until everyone is beyond satisfied.
Recording quality excellent. He's a pro, through and through.

Firefly Studios

Eddy Yeung is great working with and talking with. He has great energy and enthusiasm in his voice work, and he does swift work. I am happy to have worked with him, and I hope to do so again soon!

Ryan Chu

Eddy provided an excellent quality VO with a short turnaround time.
He was very professional, courteous and easy to work with.  Highly recommended!

Arcade Video

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Whether you are looking to cast a project, need help with translations, or just wanting a chat – feel free to send me a message, and I will get back to you soon!

+1 (646) 727-6632
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